19 November, 2016

Boxray Flowstand

Boxray Flowstand

Our secondary sampling tanks, Boxray Flowstand, are fully automatic and are used with both the on-stream analyzers Boxray 24 and Boxray Compact. In addition to the streams being screened and flowing down to the analyzer, daily composite samples are collected. These composite samples flow down to special containers (pots) with perforated bottoms, where the water is drained from the samples, which makes work fast and effective for lab personnel.

All Flowstands are adapted to the analyzer to be used. The Boxray 24 stand has two sets of 12 sample tanks, which means a total of 24 tanks. The Boxray Compact stand has two sets with eight multiplexing tanks for a total of 16 sample streams. All Flowstands are equipped with integrated lighting for a better work environment.

Boxray Flowstand, sample going to online xrf analyzer is sifted free from large items and de-airated

Boxray Flowstand, sample sifted through net basket on its way to the on stream analyzer

Boxray Flowstand, daily composite sample pot with dried sample inside

Boxray Flowstand, sample pot with holes on the bottom that drains the sample. Saves time for laboratory personnel.