21 December, 2016

Videos and clips about Boxray onstream XRF elemental analyzers

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A selection of videos and clips regarding on-stream analyzers and XRF technology. The videos cover the Boxray line of analyzers in specific but also general information and things to consider when choosing an analyzer for an application.

Analyzer performance talk

A video filmed at the “Exhibitors innovation forum” at Euro Mine Expo 2016.

Xore’s CEO talks about Boxray analyzers and the analyzer performance in general. A concentrator plant benefits from accurate data delivered on time. This is true today but will become even more so in the future. Mining companies are now looking at future implementations of semi or fully automated process control, choosing a Boxray analyzer is a future-proof solution. More about return of investment

An example is given where it is illustrated how the Boxray analyzers, up to 2-3 times faster than competing systems, have a clear advantage. It is also explained how to calculate what speed is required for e.g. a flotation tank or other processing equipment. More about the benefits of XRF technology

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