19 November, 2016

XRF analyzers and spectrums

A spectrum from a Boxray on-stream XRF analyzer, high quality data from online measurements

Xore Boxray onstream XRF analyzer spectrum

XRF analyzer technology and spectrums

The Boxray XRF analyzer work with Energy Dispersive XRF technology, EDXRF. The Boxray analyzer’s detector builds a spectrum from the radiation coming from the sample. Each peak in the spectrum represents a specific element but there is more to read out from the spectrum than the height of the peaks.

The backscatter seen in the spectrum is used to calculate percent solid material in the sample. A figure used for both internal calculations and supplied to the plant control room.

The space between the peaks is used to calculate background signal level, so the background can be subtracted from the measurement.

Background subtraction gives the best quality

The height of each peak is proportional to the grade of the element in the sample. However the peaks always have a level of background radiation that they are sitting on top of.

With competing wavelength dispersive XRF systems there is no way of determining how much of the signal that is true and how much is background.

The Boxray analyzers use the areas surrounding the peak to determine the level of background. Background radiation is then subtracted from the peak’s original height, leaving only the true height for grade calculations.

Sophisticated measurement

Elements grades are more exactly calculated by weighing the signal from the element itself together with signals from another four elements for maximum accuracy. The mathematical model also includes corrections for percent solids in the sample and background signal subtraction. The approach used in the Boxray analyzer software is more sophisticated than that of competing systems using simple models with lower accuracy.

Simple configuration

Energy dispersive XRF analyzers have the benefit of having all configuration possibilities in software. To tweak or change elements to analyze all you need to do is edit files on the hard drive. With a wavelength dispersive system hardware changes are needed. Boxray XRF analyzers from Xore can be calibrated and optimized from anywhere in the world. As long as there is access to a VPN computer network.

XRF analyzer models implementing these features: Boxray Compact and Boxray 24