19 November, 2016

Secondary sampling tanks


Secondary sampling tank, Secondary sampling tanks for XRF on-stream analyzer, Boxray Flowstand

Secondary sampling tanks

The secondary sampling tanks job is to reduce the sample flow from the high rate from the primary sampler to a lower rate suitable for the analyzer. The product name for secondary sampling tanks from Xore is Boxray Flowstand.

The Flowstands achieve this my moving the sample pipe between two compartments in the same tank.

Clean solution and daily samples with Boxray Flowstand

The sample also passes through a screen so large particles or debris is removed, which might otherwise cause clogging in the sample pipe.

The Flowstands also collect daily composite samples by moving a cutter through the sample stream, typically every 30 minutes. The time interval is made configurable and is very convenient according to every customers needs.

XRF Analyzer collects daily composite samples which are used for calibrations, mass balance calculations and economic followup. Samples are drained to save time for laboratory personnell