Swedish Mining Initiative hosted by Business Sweden

Swedish Mining Initiative, Toronto

Meet White Industrial Products and Xore in Toronto, 4th of April. Business Sweden hosts the Swedish Mining Initiative event, at the Fairmont Royal York. Some of the challenges for the mining industry are: Deep mines Energy cost or efficiency Complexity of ore grades Declining ore grades Ability to find new deposits Regulatory pressures and license to operate[…]

Euro Mine Expo 2016 Xore talk on analyzer performance

Why analyzer performance leads to great productivity. Video from Euro Mine Expo 2016.

Xore’s CEO talks about Boxray analyzers and analyzer performance in general. A concentrator plant benefits from accurate data delivered on time. This is true today but will become even more so in the future. Mining companies are now looking at future implementations of semi or fully automated process control, choosing a Boxray analyzer is a future-proof solution.[…]

Xore participates in European cleantech initiatives

The growing Swedish mining analysis company Xore has joined two cleantech initiatives, Cleantech Kvarken and Cleaner Growth. “The projects goes well in in line with our applications on for example industrial waste water and quality assurance of slag. However all our applications focus on increasing productivity and efficiency and thereby reducing waste of valuable resources” says[…]

Slag, Tailings

Xore contributes with analysis resources to slag research project

Xore will contribute to the research project Innovative Quality assured products based on fayalite slag (“IQ Slag”) by investigating possibilities to use Boxray analyzers for online measurements of slag content. Luleå University of Technology (LTU), the northernmost university of technology in Scandinavia, has initiated the research project IQ Slag together with Boliden Rönnskär smelter, Xore, Nordkalk, producer of limestone based[…]

Boxray Compact is an on-stream elemental analyzer employing energy dispersive XRF, EDXRF

Boxray analyzer for quality assurance of slag

Xore will participate with the Boxray Compact analyzer in a new R&D project called “Innovative Quality Assured Fayalite Slag Products”. The aim of the project is to improve the fundamental knowledge on slag chemistry and how process parameters can be altered to control the slag composition and long term properties. Participants in the project are[…]

Boxray 24 is a high performance on-stream elemental analyzer employing energy dispersive XRF, EDXRF

Xore selected to represent Swedish innovation

The growing Swedish mining analysis company Xore has been selected by the governmental organization Business Sweden to represent Swedish innovation in the program “Mining for Generations – Mining by Sweden”. “We are very happy and proud to be selected as an example of a Swedish company in the forefront of mining technology and innovation” says[…]